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Dear all, welcome to Apeiron advisory s.r.o. website

Apeiron advisory s.r.o. provides consulting services in the following areas:

  • public procurement procedures (either on the side of economic operators or tenderers). We are able to represent our clients and serve the clients´ best interests with regard to all matter presented on this website.. We also help tenderers with preparation and completion of their bids and answering or posing additional queries or claims. On this website you will find our offer for seminars and training courses supposed to be focused mainly on legal aspect of public procurement procedures, practical application of the statutory rules and current decisive practice of the Office for the Protection of Competition and courts.  We are able to provide our clients with our great experience in state aid matters. Please, continue here for more information.
  • creation, administration and ordinary running of companies. We are committed to sale ready-made companies as well as creation of new companies and their further administration. Our team is committed to providing you with expert advice, ongoing support, and valuable suggestions to ensure your undertaking is getting the most out of our knowledge and experience. Following creation of new companies we would like to offer you also ensuring of their administration and ordinary running from legal and accounting perspective. We will arrange general meetings, draft corporate decisions, ensure compliance with all statutory or contractual deadlines, draw up appropriate corporate structure or make a review of the existing structure.  Provision of legal services is ensured by our internal lawyers or through cooperating law firms. Please, click here for further information.
  • creation of offshore and onshore companies and holding structures. Due to increasing need for tax optimization, it shall be convenient for some entrepreneurs from the Central Europe to move their business to a tax heaven location. We offer incorporation of a company in the chosen jurisdiction followed by creation of the most convenient holding structure suitable for client´s needs. We are prepared to assist you also with arranging administration of these companies by local administrators with world spread offices (PwC, KPMG, Delloite or Ernst & Young). Commitments to our clients mean for us that we do not rely on no-name local administrators, therefore we can guarantee quality of services provided by others. Please, click here for further information.
  • Translations of legal and commercial documents to and from English. Considering the fact that we provide significant deal of services in English, we are ready to arrange separately upon your request translations of legal and commercial documents, either certified or non-certified. Please, click here for further information.

Apeiron advisory s.r.o. highly emphasizes quality of the services provided, stands firmly behind its outcomes to clients and always does its best to consider all possible risks of particular matter. In the Czech Republic our company closely cooperates with reputable law firms, flexible notaries public and tax advisors. With regard to off-shore and on-shore transactions we cooperate only with reputable advisors and law firms operating in the respective jurisdictions.

Along with the general insurance, we are also insured up to the limit of each transaction or business case. We are at any time prepared to inform the client regarding this fact and to prove it accordingly. 

Apeiron advisory s.r.o. is fully aware of high value and prestige of its clients and approaches to clients in a friendly and open way. We refuse price lists and overcharging costs. Our prices always stem from consideration of all aspects of the business case and we propose prices for further negotiations. We can agree on charging per transaction, per hour or flat fees. You should decide on what suits you the best.

We believe nothing is impossible. Set your goals. We will find the way.

Your  Apeiron advisory s.r.o. team



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