Documents Review, Due Diligence

We offer complex review of legal documents according to clients´ needs. Most commonly it concerns memorandums and articles of association, various internal or contractual documents governing relations between you and your business partners. Review of documents will be made in compliance with current valid laws of the Czech Republic and company´s articles of association. Our company will outline crucial risks, identify how to prevent them and propose appropriate solutions for your business.

These services may also be useful with reference to possible business partners supposed to engage with you. As a part of our assessment we will examine your business partner and provide complex due diligence mainly from a legal point of view. Due diligence services provide in-depth information and analysis that your company can rely on for crucial business decisions. Our company provides due diligence services at the highest standard of quality and our solutions are tailored to client-specific requirements. We firmly adhere to the commitments toward our clients hence we always ensure legal counselling through our internal lawyers and cooperating law firms.

Risk Assessment may also be a part of the Due Diligence procedure. It consists of identification of all risks possibly incurred in connection with a particular business case and proposing solutions in order to minimize or eliminate them.

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